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International Summer School 2024

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What the girls say

We played different games to imrove our speaking, did some writing activities. Everything was perfect

Nosirova 17

I will remember these lessons forever.

Elina - RussiaLessons and staff

I learned many new words. The lessons were really interesting and so were the projects. Mr. Eric's lessons were full of fun and are interesting

Nosirova 17

I liked art best. It was fun to just relax and let creativity take over.

Matilda - Sweden14 - First year

There were many activities so I had fun. I enjoyed archery, music and making bracelets.

Ayaka - JapanTrips and activities

I love Heathfield. I don't want to go home but I must! Next year I want to come back.

Olivia - GermanyFeeling at home and making new friends

It was a very special and cool summer.

Ludivine - Ivory CoastFeeling at home and making new friends

I really liked how interesting the lessons and projects were


Lessons were really fun! My English improved a lot and the projects were always about creative topics that I enjoyed. I loved the projects

Hitomi 13

It was really good, I think I will come back next year because I really apreciated this experience

Alexandra 12

I loved it!


It's a very good camp where we did a lot of activities and made friends from other countries. Its amazing!


I really liked the school and the activities


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An amazing experience that your daughter will cherish forever

for girls aged 8 to 17

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