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Summer activities

So much to do on your stay

Heathfield offers girls a fun-packed and educational social programme for all ages through a range of activities, balancing creative, cultural, artistic and sporting options. Many of these activities are shared with our UK Summer Camp children who provide lots of opportunities for conversation and extending English language skills.

Art & Design

One of the girls’ favourite activities at Heathfield is creating things to decorate their rooms and take home to parents or working on projects with their friends. Our teachers look at the work of artists, styles and movements in art through the decades and across the world to inspire the girls.
We work in the three studios and outside, and link a lot of creative work to the different course themes we have each year. Students design their own T-shirts, bags and costumes for fashion shows and themed discos. They also make scenery, signs and props for our many shows and festivals. The art department can offer many activities but here are just a few:

Drawing and painting
Fabric design
Glass painting
Jewellery making
Card making
Textile work
Paper marbling
Silk painting
Watercolours with wax
Modelling with fimo clay


Our specialist teachers offer a range of classes incorporating a wide variety of dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Street and Zumba.


We offer one hour lessons, working on improvisation, mime, shows, stage fighting and workshop performances. Students can also work on their own individual performances incorporating their own stories and scripts.


The school’s cookery suite is busy all day long. Students learn to make a variety of sweet and savoury items from fairy cakes and fruit jalousies to mini pizzas and cheese straws. They also create specialities from different countries. Cake decoration is also very popular.


For Students opting for our Performing Arts Academy taking part in Shows in our purpose-built Performing Arts Centre is a highlight. The Shows see girls of all ages from Britain and all around the world working and performing together, having fun and cementing their friendships. We make our own props, costumes and sets as well as computer images to project as backdrops onto the theatre wall.

In the evenings and at week-ends girls take part in Shows such as the Dance and Fashion Show, the House Drama Competition and our own Heathfield Talent Show. The International Show gives students the opportunity to showcase their home countries through presentations, drama, dance and song.

On the final Friday evening, before the farewell disco, there is the popular Staff Show based on life at Heathfield transported into a popular film world! Recent highlights have included ‘Frozen Heathfield’ and ‘Heathfield School Musical’.

Outdoor Sport

Heathfield’s extensive grounds allows us to offer a wide range of individual and team sports and activities including our own Olympics Games, Highland Games and World Cups.

Tag Rugby
Frisbee Golf

Indoor Sport

The large sports hall and separate dance studio and fitness suite ensures that sporting activities continue to take place, even on rainy days. These include:

Crashmat rounders
Fitness suite
King ball
Quick cricket


Heathfield’s 25m heated indoor pool is used for swimming, cooling off on hot summer days and the following activities:

Aqua aerobics
Aqua gym
Water volleyball
Water polo


Girls have the opportunity to play tennis in the late afternoon and evening activity sessions. We offer professional Tennis coaching as part of the Academy options.

What the girls say

We played different games to imrove our speaking, did some writing activities. Everything was perfect

Nosirova 17

I will remember these lessons forever.

Elina - RussiaLessons and staff

I learned many new words. The lessons were really interesting and so were the projects. Mr. Eric's lessons were full of fun and are interesting

Nosirova 17

I liked art best. It was fun to just relax and let creativity take over.

Matilda - Sweden14 - First year

There were many activities so I had fun. I enjoyed archery, music and making bracelets.

Ayaka - JapanTrips and activities

I love Heathfield. I don't want to go home but I must! Next year I want to come back.

Olivia - GermanyFeeling at home and making new friends

It was a very special and cool summer.

Ludivine - Ivory CoastFeeling at home and making new friends

I really liked how interesting the lessons and projects were


Lessons were really fun! My English improved a lot and the projects were always about creative topics that I enjoyed. I loved the projects

Hitomi 13

It was really good, I think I will come back next year because I really apreciated this experience

Alexandra 12

I loved it!


It's a very good camp where we did a lot of activities and made friends from other countries. Its amazing!


I really liked the school and the activities


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