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Age: 8 – 17 year olds

English Language Lessons

English Language for 8 – 17 year olds

By qualified and experienced teachers

Hours per week:

15 hours per week core English lessons

Maximum class size:

Maximum 16 students per class

Course focus:

Our General English courses focus on developing communicative skills which are immediately applicable in the real-world environment. Balancing accuracy and fluency, students can expect a focus on grammar, vocabulary, functional language and skills appropriate for their level.

Project based work is focused on developing various aspects of speaking sub-skills as well as areas such as creative and critical thinking. Students work in a team to create or develop products and presentations, conduct and participate in interviews, undertake and report on surveys. Sub-skills developed may include turn-taking, negotiation, problem solving and decision making and leading a team, to name but a few.

Heathfield International Summer School Curriculum

Our Curriculum is designed for students to get the most out of their English lessons, to provide a cohesive structure of study and so that all students get the same experience from their stay in Heathfield. The Curriculum is based on the following goals for our students:

  1. We want them to learn as much about Britain as they can during their time here.
  2. We want them to develop the language skills necessary to negotiate situations and problems in English during their stay.
  3. We want them to improve the English they already have and improve their language proficiency.
  4. We want to build their confidence, not only as speakers of English, but as young people.

Course materials:

Our teachers use a wide variety of resources for their lessons and projects, with a real emphasis on authentic materials. We use a selection of course books which can form the basis of structured lessons, but also much of our ethos is empowering our skilled teachers to produce authentic materials that are relevant to today’s climate and current affairs.


Placement assessments take place the day after a student’s arrival, normally on a Sunday. Their English level, spoken and written, will be assessed by the teachers to decide the best class level for their needs. We accept students from elementary level (A2) up to and including proficiency level (C2), of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Once all written and speaking assessments have been undertaken, our Director of Studies then forms the groups based on the results.


are an important part of the education programme and students learn all about the places they visit and write about their trips and other activities in their Course Diaries, which they bring home for their parents to read.

Heathfield Diary:

All our international girls will keep a Course Diary about their stay in England. Their class teacher will take these in and correct it for them each week in order to help the girls improve their written English. Every week the class teacher will award a certificate for the best two diaries of the group. There’s even a prize for the best diary in the school!

English Language Learning

English using set course books and authentic materials. Classes include:

  • listening to or reading authentic texts
  • Discussing cultural differences/similarities
  • Grammar focus (via a communicative or task-based delivery)
  • Introducing new vocabulary to address gaps in students’ knowledge.
  • Pragmatic (and polite) ways of communicating with native English speakers.
  • Speaking challenges
  • Fluency practice

Course Overview and Objectives

  • Qualified and experienced teachers who will encourage and support students to succeed.
  • Continuous monitoring by your class tutors to check your progress.
  • Classes consist of girls of a similar age and language proficiency
  • Facilitate meaningful language use by practicing and improving spoken English
  • Course planning takes into account both the immediate and long-term needs of our students.

What the parents say

Your esteemed school is a melting pot that gathers different nationalities and backgrounds to teach them new skills and empower them with a better use of the English language.

Tamara - Jordan

It was another great year! The first thing our daughter said when she arrived in Japan and saw her family was, ‘I had a great time and I want to go again!’

Akiko - Japan

We would like to thank Heathfield, for the language and cultural experience, and for the comfortable and homely atmosphere our daughter has been enjoying so much!

Irina - Russia

It has been for her an excellent experience both personally and from an academic point of view. She really enjoyed learning and practising English, meeting friends from other countries as well as all activities, especially Kayaking!

Teresa - France

The course was so good for my daughter. She enjoyed the style of teaching that is so different from home. Most important was 'English with Style' – she tried so many new things and learned so much English Culture.

Lee - China

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for girls aged 8 to 17

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