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Creative, Sporting and Academic

Extensive and varied experiences 


between 1 to 2 hours of contact time


2 to 3 times each week

Academies offer our students the opportunity to focus on specific or varied disciplines, for the majority on 3 afternoons each week. The choices are extensive, and with professional tuition offered for many of our Academies, our students get the very best in a range of sports and leisure pursuits, creative activities and academic subjects.

It’s another great opportunity to mix with different students from different backgrounds including our more senior UK Summer Camp students for certain Academies. Each and every Academy will help students to develop their confidence in speaking and fluency. Depending on their chosen Academy, students receive between 1 to 2 hours of contact time, 2 to 3 times each week. Confirmation of contact time is stated in each sub-heading. Where appropriate, sessions will be split into Junior and Senior girls.

Academies are chosen when making a student booking. Places are limited for certain academies so we do recommend to book early!

What the parents say

Your esteemed school is a melting pot that gathers different nationalities and backgrounds to teach them new skills and empower them with a better use of the English language.

Tamara - Jordan

It was another great year! The first thing our daughter said when she arrived in Japan and saw her family was, ‘I had a great time and I want to go again!’

Akiko - Japan

We would like to thank Heathfield, for the language and cultural experience, and for the comfortable and homely atmosphere our daughter has been enjoying so much!

Irina - Russia

It has been for her an excellent experience both personally and from an academic point of view. She really enjoyed learning and practising English, meeting friends from other countries as well as all activities, especially Kayaking!

Teresa - France

The course was so good for my daughter. She enjoyed the style of teaching that is so different from home. Most important was 'English with Style' – she tried so many new things and learned so much English Culture.

Lee - China

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for girls aged 8 to 17

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