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Performing Art, Dance, Art, Photography, Fashion, Cookery and Wellbeing

Performing Arts Academy

Week 2 and Week 4 – 3 x 3 hours (£ Included)

Our Performing Arts Academy provides an excellent opportunity for our students to have lots of fun and engage in a tailor-made programme of performance techniques, culminating in a show at the end of the week for all their fellow students and summer camp friends and family.

The Academy runs twice during the summer, each week has a ‘Theme’.

  • Week 2‘Broadway and West End’
  • Week 4‘TV and Film’

Students are grouped by their age and on each academy afternoon, will complete two sessions in these age groupings and a third session all together

They complete sessions in Drama and Performance and another in Dance in their specific groupings.

Students learn another group Musical Theatre number in their ‘ensemble’ class. All of these pieces will be performed for an audience of friends and family on the evening of their final day!

We aim to provide an inclusive, supportive and fun environment in which the students can broaden their skills and technique in all areas of performing arts. Focus will be on developing good practise across all aspects of rehearsal and performance technique, including safe practise in the studio and on-stage, improving from and offering peer feedback in rehearsals and expanding on their own experience on stage, with a particular emphasis on stage craft and confidence building for those who need it. For the more experienced performers in the group, we will aim to provide opportunities for them to showcase their skills and for those interested in the creative side (costume/prop design and/or technical theatre, i.e. lighting and sound), they will have a chance to be involved behind the scenes, as they prepare for the much anticipated performance Heathfield School’s very own Theatre.

Modern Dance Academy

Week 1, Week 3 and Week 5 – 3 x 2 hours (£ Included)

Commercial pop dance/ street dance sessions. Bring your dance skills to the fore with this fun and energetic Academy. Improve your awareness on posture, rhythm and style. Work with our tutors to choreograph your very own performance.

Art Academy

Fine Art and Lino Printing

Week 1 and Week 3 – 3 x 2 hours (£ Included)

Our Fine Art and Lino Printing academy provides an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and learn new and interesting techniques from our very skilled Art Teachers.

Fine Art includes Drawing and painting skills on different surfaces learning a variety of skills and techniques while in lino printing you will create stunning artwork that is unique and special and will surely impress your folks back home. Learn the technical skills to make your linocut then how to print and display your very own work.

Photography Academy

Week 5 – 3 x 2 hour (£100)

Working in our very own photography workshop with Heathfield’s finest, you will explore the tools to take your photography skills to the next level. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with skilled photographers and explore ways in which some of the best pictures are captured by understanding shutter speeds and focusing modes. Create technically competent and creative photographs you can be proud of.

Fashion, Textile Design and Illustration Academy

(aged 12+)

Week 1, Week 3 and Week 5 – 3 x 2 hours (£ Included)

This academy aims to focus on creating detailed textiles without the use of a sewing machines and transferring elements of textile samples into fashion illustrations. These fashion illustrations will showcase details in the textiles, for example stiches, fabric placement and scale.

Some of the techniques that this workshop will explore, include hand weaving, beading, embroidery and more. This workshop will provide your daughter with insight into the methods used for design development, whilst teaching them new textile skills.

Cookery Academy

Baking and Decorating – Junior (aged 8 to 11) and Senior (aged 12+)

Week 2 and Week 4 – 3 x 2 hours (£100)

With a keen eye for everything sweet, this is a firm favourite for our students. Taking baking and decorating to the next level. A variety of sweet dishes will be created and will surely bring out the best pastry chefs of the future!

Dinner for Two (aged 12+)

Week 3 and Week 5 – 3 x 2 hours (£100)

With a real goal for achieving something special, our Cookery ‘Dinner for two’ Academy provides our students the key skills in food preparation and cooking. The Dinner for two course takes you on a journey of learning specific skills to prepare tantalising starters, delicious main courses and exquisite desserts. A skill you can take home and impress your family with!

Wellbeing and Mindfulness Academy

Reflexology and Yoga

Week 3 and Week 5 – 2 x 2 hours (£ Included)

This academy is a fantastic opportunity to relax, unwind and be the real you, in a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere. The Academy provides opportunities for discussion and reflection and has the practical element of Reflexology and Yoga included. We cannot recommend this Academy enough!

What the parents say

Your esteemed school is a melting pot that gathers different nationalities and backgrounds to teach them new skills and empower them with a better use of the English language.

Tamara - Jordan

It was another great year! The first thing our daughter said when she arrived in Japan and saw her family was, ‘I had a great time and I want to go again!’

Akiko - Japan

We would like to thank Heathfield, for the language and cultural experience, and for the comfortable and homely atmosphere our daughter has been enjoying so much!

Irina - Russia

It has been for her an excellent experience both personally and from an academic point of view. She really enjoyed learning and practising English, meeting friends from other countries as well as all activities, especially Kayaking!

Teresa - France

The course was so good for my daughter. She enjoyed the style of teaching that is so different from home. Most important was 'English with Style' – she tried so many new things and learned so much English Culture.

Lee - China

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