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Shows and Exhibitions

It’s Show Time.

What Heathfield girls can achieve in a few hours is just extraordinary!

If choosing our Performing Arts Academy in week 1 and 3 of summer camp then taking part in shows in our beautiful Performing Arts Centre will be a highlight for many girls. Shows mean girls work together, also with our international students – creating great fun and great friendships. Girls make many of their own props, costumes and sets as well as producing programmes and posters.

There are two themed weeks for Performing Arts and the shows will be based on these two themes.

Week 1  ‘Broadway and West End’ theme and the second, with a ‘TV and Film’ theme.

The students will be grouped by their age and on each academy afternoon, will complete two sessions in these age groupings and a third session all together, delivered by experienced teachers of performing arts. They will complete a session in Drama and Performance and another in Dance in their groupings, then will learn another group Musical Theatre number in their ‘ensemble’ class. All of these pieces will be performed for an audience of friends and family on the evening of their final day.

We aim to provide an inclusive, supportive and fun environment in which the students can broaden their skills and technique in all areas of performing arts. Focus will be on developing good practise across all aspects of rehearsal and performance technique, including safe practise in the studio and on-stage, improving from and offering peer feedback in rehearsals and expanding on their own experience on stage, with a particular emphasis on stage craft and confidence building for those who need it. For the more experienced performers in the group, we will aim to provide opportunities for them to showcase their skills and for those interested in the creative side (costume/prop design and/or technical theatre, i.e. lighting and sound),  they will have a chance to be involved behind the scenes, as they prepare for the performance in the St. Mary’s Theatre.

Girls attending Summer Camp in the fourth week can watch the very popular evening Staff Show based on life at Heathfield transported into a popular film world! Highlights have included Frozen Heathfield, Heathfield School Musical and The Heathfield Games. The staff show is followed by a farewell disco. Girls can either come back for the evening or stay on for late stay and supper.

What the girls say

I really enjoy Heathfield summer camp. The breakfasts are great. We don’t get a cooked breakfast at my usual school! I also love the photography, products and trampolining sessions.

Grace - 12

Heathfield has been an incredible experience. I cannot begin to describe how much I love the programme, the kindness of the staff and students, and the lifelong, international friends I have made.

Alexandria - 15

I absolutely love Heathfield, it’s the best camp I’ve ever been to and I’m definitely coming back next year. I love the staff, they are extremely kind and comforting.

Neeva - 10

I get to meet new people every year and I really enjoy making beauty products and other things with them.

Sasha - 12

It’s been my first year here and I’ve loved everything. I’ve loved all the activities, the staff and helpers – they were all very kind, helpful, funny.

Oxiana - 12

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