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Do you have a question about life at Heathfield? Take a look at the answers to the following FAQs to see if we can answer it for you. If you need more information, just send us an email!

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What is the difference between Summer School and Summer Camp?

The main difference is that Summer School includes English lessons and Summer Camp does not. The girls on Summer Camp are either native English speakers or they already speak fluent English and therefore do not need lessons. Some of the Summer Camp girls are boarders and some live nearby and come in every day. All Summer School girls are from overseas and board during the course. Whether you are on Summer School or Summer Camp, you will all mix together at certain points during the week (and every evening for the boarders) so you will all make friends.

How many girls are at Heathfield each week?

The numbers vary but in our busiest weeks we can have about 150 girls sleeping in school – both Summer School girls from many different countries and British boarders. There will also be lots of International Summer school girls from many different countries eager to meet you and practice their English! Many girls are returners – some come for many, many years! – but every year we welcome lots of new girls as well.

Where do girls come from?

Usually, about half of our overseas girls come from European countries and the other half from Asia, Africa and the Americas. You will be able to make friends with girls from different countries and cultures. Many of our former students remain friends as they become adults and they tell us about their friendships. We have had emails telling us about girls who keep in touch from Russia and Spain, England and Japan, Togo and Italy, Israel and Egypt.

I’m not coming with anyone I know –how will I make friends?

Most girls come to Heathfield without bringing a sister or a friend so if you don’t know anyone, you are in the majority! When you arrive, you will be introduced to other girls your age so that you can start getting to know people immediately and you will join in activities together.

Who will help look after me?

There are almost 60 members of staff and although they are not all on duty at the same time, we have a very high ratio of staff to students so there are always enough members of staff around. Our ratio of staff:student is 1:6. There are always lots of people to help you, including staff Monitors who look after Junior and Senior new girls, and Helpers and young staff who are former students.

Are there lots of older girls or is it mostly little kids?

There is a good mix of both older and younger girls. Summer School has girls from 8 to 17 years old. If you are boarding, your bedroom will be in an area where other girls of a similar age will also sleep.

There is a list of senior and junior sample activities here. Summer Camp is divided into Juniors and Seniors so you attend activities with girls at a similar age.

I’m not very good at sport. Will there be other activities for me to take part in?

We have a variety of activities which you get to try in your designated groups and several activities you get to choose as options. Not all are sport so you will have lots of opportunities to try non sporty activities too!

My Friends and I are boarding at camp. Can we all share a room?

While we try to accommodate requests, we are not able to promise room shares. Priority goes to our youngest international students aged 8 to 10. We also encourage mixed nationalities so our international students can practice their English. Girls from 11 upwards are more likely to have single rooms but if friends can’t share, we place you close together.

What the parents say

Fantastic. Evie has loved it! Everyone we’ve dealt with has been helpful, friendly and very professional. We normally try local clubs run by large organisations and are often frustrated by cost, lethargic staff and feeling like Evie is just a number. Your value for money is excellent and we would recommend you 100%.


My granddaughter absolutely loved boarding at the camp and said it was the best part of her summer holidays. She wants to come back next summer. Talking to other parents (and in some cases grandparents!) they were also full of praise. 10 out of 10


A big thank you to everyone involved in summer camp – both of my girls have had a great time and they want to know if they can do it next year! They have loved the variety of activities and we’ve been impressed with the organising that has gone into it.


As a working parent I have found the Heathfield summer camp a marvellous option over the last 9 years – the breadth of activities and experiences have ensured my daughter has looked forward to her time there - the beautiful setting, marvellous staff and the mix of returning and new girls have given her some wonderful experiences that she will treasure forever.


Our daughter has made incredible friends from all over the world, participated in various activities and gained knowledge about different cultures. On top of that, she learned how to be a more independent and self-aware person. Her experience at Heathfield has been enriching and rewarding and she is eager to come back every year


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