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(Inclusive fees - GBP1420 per week)

Optional Extras

(to be paid with full fees)
(spread over 2 or more weeks)

Student Information

Name of parent or person to contact

First name

Student Medical Information

A detailed Medical Form will be sent in June and must be returned before the student attends.

Parental Consent

During the course, your child will be involved in various general and sporting activities and trips, organised and supervised by the school as described on the website. Parental consent is required for your child to take part in these activities:
(in the shallow end for non-swimmers)
(if aged 12 and over)
(no names will be used)

Catholic Mass

Level of English

*Please note we cannot accept complete or very low level beginners. All students must have some basic English. We can provide details to help elementary level students prepare for Heathfield.

Travel Arrangements

(Arrivals & Departures Travel Information with further details will follow with confirmation information)
Please notify us, in writing, if you do not agree to any of the conditions below or have any comments to add. I wish my daughter to attend Heathfield Summer School and hereby confirm the information I have given about my child is correct. I consent to the school making use of this data for the care of my child in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (2018) and I give permission for Heathfield School to contact me. I consider that she is physically and psychologically fit to undertake all the activities on the course and give permission for her to participate in them. In case of illness or injury I hereby grant permission to Heathfield School to follow the advice of the medical practitioner in attendance and to allow a designated member of staff to dispense over-the-counter medicine or first aid on a school trip. I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and have explained the Rules and Discipline Procedure to my daughter.

Please submit this form and proceed to make the deposit payment or full payment.

Please indicate below the payment method.
Note: Deposit payments must be received within 7 days of booking; full fees are required for bookings after May 15th.