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Age: 14 – 17 years old

English with Style

English with Style for 14 – 17 years old

How to be a confident and successful young woman

Hours per week:

15 hours per week core English lessons

Maximum class size:

Maximum 16 students per class

Course content:

General English lessons in the morning plus group conversation and communication practice in the afternoon. Lessons cover grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary as well as reading, writing and listening skills.

Course materials:

A mix of set course books and authentic material about life in Britain.

On arrival

Students will be tested to decide the best class level for their needs. We stream English Proficiency into groups of Beginner, Elementary (A1) and (A2)  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate (B1) & (B2) and Advanced and Proficiency English groups (C1 and C2). Students at C1 and C2 level can be placed on to our fluent speaker programme.


Fluent Speaker Programme

Students who are proficient English speakers at C1 and C2 level or equivalent, will follow a classroom-based programme of engaging topic work in English as opposed to the programme of English language lessons that our other students will follow in the mornings.


Project Classes

Held three times each week. Students work together on an educational and interesting project which draws on all their linguistic resources.



An important part of the education programme and students learn all about the places they visit and write about their trips and other activities in their Course Diaries, which they bring home for their parents to read.

English Language Learning

English using set course books and authentic materials. Classes include:

  • Grammar in real-life contexts
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Written and spoken accuracy
  • Skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking


  • Grammar in real-life contexts
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Written and spoken accuracy
  • Skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking

What the girls say

Of all the lessons that I really liked the most was the writing task that we did about Jane Austen and also the talking tasks we did in groups


I really loved there lessons because the teachers were so kind and the lessons were compelling


We had alot of fun and the teachers are all very nice to us


We work togetherin groups. The lessons are nice and I learnt new things


I loved everything about Summer School


English lesson and project lessons are actually pretty fun


I liked the first project rather than the second one but in general I really liked the fact of having to work in a group and learning a lot of new things


A lot of work with other classmates helped me to find new friends and skilled my English


Everyday was interesting and each day I learnt something new.

Camilla - Italy15 - Second year

My arrival was great. I was really looked after properly by everyone.

Vanessa - Hong Kong12 - Frist year

I like Heathfield because it is safe, my English keeps improving and I like the teachers and my friends.

Leen - Jordan13 - Fourth year

Heathfield is a very good summer school because I made friends from other nationalities and spoke English with them all the time.

Laia - Austria/Spain14 - First year

I love Heathfield. I liked the cookery best because the food is very yummy and tennis coaching too because I love tennis.

Victoire - France12 - First year

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